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The Mission Possible Gale is coming to Generations Hall on June 24. Great food, entertainment and auction goodies. Ronnie Lamarque will be an auctioneer. You can buy tickets & register for the auction on the auction page. Read more about it.

is to bring free medical treatment, consultation,  education, equipment and supplies 

‚Äčto needy people in foreign countries.

We are volunteers. non-profit and dedicated to

‚Äčimproving health while supporting human dignity.

The Purpose Of

New Orleans

Medical Mission



You Can Volunteer

Click  right here  to display our volunteer application form. You can fill it out right here and click to send it to our Medical Director.

           Do Your Part
Our volunteers pay their way. You can donate money using PayPal with the Donate button. To donate supplies or equipment see the information on the Contact page.

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