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New Orleans Medical Mission Services

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(504) 392-1934

P.O. Box 6249

New Orleans, LA 70174

It's long, hard days, usually in tropical heat, and you'll feel great afterward.

These are the NOMMS volunteers at the hospital

where we worked in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Our next

missions will be in March, 2019 (filled) and June, 2019.

Mission News:

Our mission to La Vega, Dominican Republic, in March, 2019 is full.

Volunteers are needed for the eye clinic in our mission planned for June, 2019. The location of the June, 2019, mission is TBD.  We'll keep you up to date right here.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

A prerequisite to a participation on a Mission Team is several hours preparing the Mission instruments, medications, equipment, and supplies (“Materials”). The warehouse will be open two Saturdays each month to facilitate such preparation from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. (or as needed) with assigned supervision.You're invited to help at the warehouse on Saturdays.You can check for the latest scheduled work day(s) on our NOMMS Facebook page.

Volunteers are wanted;

for future missions to countries

in Central & South America.

Fill out the volunteer form.