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New Orleans Medical Mission Services

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Thanks to everyone who sponsored, setup, and played in

the Fred Mikill Memorial golf tournament, Oct. 11.

NOMMS missions are made possible by you.

During our recently completed a 2nd successful mission to the Dominican Republic. Our teams did 60 surgeries, 62 consultations, and treated 1,757 eye patients.

Since 2001, through 38 missions, NOMMS has delivered desperately needed medical care to underserved communities in Central and South America. We also serve our local community with medical supplies and equipment. We reprocess and recycle unused medical metariels that would otherwise be discarded. We even donate medical supplies to help the Louisiana SPCA.

to bring free medical treatment, consultation, 

education, equipment and supplies 

‚Äčto needy people in foreign countries.

We are volunteers, non-profit and dedicated to

‚Äčimproving health while supporting human dignity.

The Goal Of

New Orleans Medical Mission Services

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38 Missions complete and counting

NOMMS mission to Vietnam in March, 2020 is full.

We must make our plans and preparations early

because of the unusual volume of permissions and paper work

required for us to launch a mission to Viet Nam.

Currently we're packing containers of the equipment we'll need

for shipping well ahead of the mission so they can be there when we are.

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