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New Orleans Medical Mission Services

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New Orleans, LA 70174

Our "REVISED" newsletter is in its second edition! If you didn't get a copy (via email) you can download here. The fall edition has the President's Message by Dan Jacob, M.D. It also has a recap of the 2023 mission to Puerto Plata and an article about our Eye Clinic.

The second edition has three articles: a History of NOMMS (part one), a Donor Profile, and a Volunteer Profile. The History of NOMMS takes you back to the very first days when the NOMMS office and warehouse was a room in the back of a Vietnamese grocery in Fat City, Metairie! NOMMS has had phenomenal growth over the last 23 years. Stay tuned for Part Two in the summer edition.

Video of our most recent mission to Puerto Plata, D.R. in 2024

You'll be seeing this QR code in the future. It represents our new payment system for donations, Gala purchases, mission trip donations, and a lot more. We'll be including it on our business cards, printed materials, and invitations. It offers a quick and convenient method for payment. 

Here are several photo albums of our mission. Click on the title to see the album:


Our warehouse is at 625 Distributor's Row, in Elmwood Industrial Park, Harahan. Our number is (504) 392-1934. Our hours of operation are Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 9 AM until 1 PM. We are closed for national holidays. We accept donations of medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals (in original, sealed containers.)

Our wonderful volunteer, Ken, represents a group who makes the "Handy Hand", an inexpensive yet very effective prosthetic hand. Here he is with a recent recipient!


Go to our Fundraisers page to see our $10,000 Draw Down, now available for you to enter!

Another great mission is in the books. This Mission took over 60 doctors, nurses, and staff to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. We did 70 procedures and saw over 2,000 people in the eyeglass clinic. It was our first mission to have a complete anesthesia team where we did not have to depend on local anesthesiologists for any room. Hospital Ricardo Limardo said it was the most successful mission ever in that location.

“Deliver medical relief and expertise to the underprivileged population of the world, and respond to local needs, through services, treatment, and supplies, in a manner that respects the dignity and self-esteem of program recipients and volunteers.”

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