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Our volunteers pay their way. You can donate money using PayPal with the Donate button. To donate supplies or equipment see the information on the Contact page.

is to bring free medical treatment, consultation,  education, equipment and supplies 

‚Äčto needy people in foreign countries.

We are volunteers, non-profit and dedicated to

‚Äčimproving health while supporting human dignity.

The Purpose Of

New Orleans

Medical Mission


(504) 392-1934

P.O. Box 6249

New Orleans, LA 70174

(L-R) Michelle Gallindo (Center) joined her mom, Ada Torez (R), working at the eye clinic.

This mission was made possible by donations from people like you.

Drs. Lance Estrada, ortho, and Leslie Estrada, opthalmologist, were one of 2 husband and wife teams on this mission.

New Orleans Medical Mission Services

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The volunteers on our just finished Matagalpa mission included 6 family connections.

Here's our Medical Director, Dr. Tom Kennedy  and wife, Mary, in the eye clinic at the hospital in Matagalpa.


                     MISSION: POSSIBLE
This year's gala will be bigger than ever. More great auction items. June 23.

The golf tournament returns to Friday,

October 27.