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New Orleans Medical Mission Services

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(504) 392-1934

P.O. Box 6249

New Orleans, LA 70174

Keeping us up to date and functioning.

It's long hard days in tropical heat. You'll feel great and work with some really great people.

The success of NOMMS is totally dependent on volunteers.  NOMMS was fortunate to start operations with a core team of people that shared a common vision of ministering to the medical needs of the poor.  We want to expand our services and the number of missions. For that we'll need more funds and more people. Prospective volunteers should click on the link below to our volunteer form.  Prospective donors can click on the "Donate" link below and read about our campaign to raise a $3,000,000 endowment.

Our Volunteer Teams

Medical Missions

Each mission must be staffed with

appropriate specialists. It may be impractical for an individual to participate in more than one mission per year. We need to establish a volunteer pool of resources to participate in our missions. Please read the NOMMS Handbook to understand your responsibilities; it contains the forms you will need to sign up for a mission.

Fund Raising

Administration Support


Material Preparation

Cleaning, sorting and packing material in the warehouse for direct contribution or use on missions.

Material Solicitation

Obtain donations of medical equipment

and supplies