New Orleans Medical Mission Services

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To keep our missions possible

Average cost of a medical mission: $80,000

Average cost of a shipment of donations: $7,500

Average cost of an education course: $5,000

An airline ticket for our first mission: $325; today: $900

Minimum operating requirement: $330,000

The annual gala and golf tournament provide funding to cover basic insurance and business expenses.

We hope to increase our yearly services:

4 missions per year

6 shipments of supplies

2 eye clinics per year

2 dental clinics per year

4 medical education courses

We hope to purchase a medical material processing facility.

NOMMS has donated over $90,000,000 in medical materials and services to those we serve. Many materials cannot be used in the U.S.A. but are very valuable in the countries we serve. We make donations in the U.S.A. when possible but out funding and insurance dictate that we provide medical services only in other countries. We donate the surgical materials used on our missions.

We're working toward $3,000,000

Ingrid's severely burned hand was repaired by a NOMMS surgeon. It's one of the 1,872 free surgeries completed by our volunteers in 34 medical missions.

Eduard can read his school books now thanks to one of the 34,111 free eye exams and 42,168 pairs of glasses we've given out so far.

We Need An Endowment

(504) 392-1934

P.O. Box 6249

New Orleans, LA 70174

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